MAcc Scholars

The MAcc Program has been going strong for more than 30 years! Our accounting curriculum culminates with real-world business applications, including:

  • The EY Accounting Public Policy and Symposium, a hands-on course delivered in Washington, D.C. that explores the public policy of business and accounting 
  • Participation in the Ross Leadership Initiative, a program that develops leadership skills 
  • Full integration with the world-renowned Ross MBA

More than 90% of our MAcc students secure full-time job placements by graduation. This speaks to the caliber of the Ross approach, which is supported by our award-winning research faculty, Career Services team, unmatched education facilities and the largest alumni network in the world. Ross’ holistic approach also explains why it is common to encounter partners in the accounting industry with a U-M degree. 

Congratulations 2016-2017 MAcc Scholars

  • Kelly Coyne
  • Louis Denha
  • Shannon Galligan
  • Angela Pae
  • Carlos Ramos

Previous MAcc Scholars

  • Matthew Burns
  • Justin Glanda
  • Chase Goldbaum
  • Jonathan Hart
  • Jeffrey Kaplan
  • Jonathan Robinson
  • Madeline Campbell
  • Mark Henley
  • Stephanie Maxwell
  • Marcella Pearl
  • Brian Perrine
  • Kendall Verbeek
  • Kaylee Imel
  • David Kaplan
  • Lauren Materne
  • Ajay Narula
  • Alexander Shek
  • Jaffer Alqamoussi
  • Linda Chen
  • Yaran Cheng
  • Austin Darket
  • Scott Elston
  • Richard Harvey
  • Hyukjoo Lee
  • Christopher Sefcheck
  • Jordan Cutler
  • Cong Fu
  • Andrew Lavery
  • Fan Liu
  • Jieling Ma
  • Yin Pan
  • Chao Qin
  • Matthew Romanelli
  • Kevin Yee