Michigan Memories

Paton Accounting Center alumni and supporters often send us their fond memories of Professor Paton and their time in the Accounting Program.

  • I had the privilege of grading for Prof Paton when I was an MBA student and of taking and passing the last Accounting prelim he gave before retiring. Among the many memories I have of him is at the time when the MBA program was being remodeled to distinguish it more clearly from the BBA program. Among the proposals was one that raised the average GPA for MBA candidates to graduate, accompanied by a proposal to introduce an A+ to the MBA course grading scale. Prof Paton was in the main lobby when he discovered that proposal in his mail.

    His very loud reaction was “I know what an A is: that means perfect. Could someone please tell me what the h… an A+ is?”

    Don Pruis
    MBA ‘53
    PhD Cand ‘65

  • Dear Gregory,

    Thank you very much for your kind letter dated January 7, 2015. Pam and I have LONG and most enjoyable history with Michigan Accounting. We shall, in fact, be travelling to Ann Arbor, health and weather permitting, for the annual scholarship dinner in March. For the 26th consecutive year. We attended the very first dinner April 1989 and we have not missed any thereafter. We hope to meet Pam’s scholarship winner (Pamela J. Bryant Accounting Scholarship) at the function. Hopefully, you will attend the dinner as well so that we have an opportunity to meet. 

    Thanks again,

    Jack Darville
    MBA '70
    former Paton Advisory Board Chairman


  • Professor Miller,

    Thank you for your personal note concerning the Paton Fund. I was so lucky to be a grader for Professor Paton in 1956-1958. I don’t remember when the scholarships started but my donation started at that time.

    I later saw Professor Paton at a CPA convention after his retirement and he still remembered me and I was truly impressed.

    I also became friends with Professor Walt Kell as his in-laws lived one block from me. I was privileged to do his tax work and we had lunch twice a year. A great guy.

    The University of Michigan was and is a wonderful part of my life. My two daughters are University of Michigan nurses and my granddaughter is finishing up now at Ann Arbor as a communication major and two classes at Ross. Three generations and counting.

    I’m sorry this note got so long but I’m completely “Blue.”

    Earl J. Mast
    BBA '58

    P.S. My wife’s cousin’s son is an instructor at Ross. You may know him – Jim DeSimpelare. He started out wrong at Michigan State University but finally found his way to the University of Michigan. 

  • Attn: Professor Gregory S. Miller

    Thank you so much for the William A. Paton paperweight. During my four (4) years at Michigan I was privileged to have Professor Paton for one of my accounting classes (Asset Accounting). Not only was he very knowledgeable, but also a very good teacher.

    I was also fortunate to have Professor Herbert Miller as an instructor; for two (2) classes (Auditing and CPA Problems).

    It is no wonder that the Michigan Accounting Department at that time (late 1950’s) was rated so high. Even the University of California at Berkeley accounting graduates (those also hired by the San Francisco office of Haskins & Sells in the Spring of 1960) admitted their education in accounting was second only to the University of Michigan’s accounting department.

    Thank you again for not only remembering me, but for the paperweight too.


    Edwin E. Andrews
    BBA '59

    P.S. Go Blue